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Graphic Design

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Logo Design

When we opened our doors in 1999, we knew our logo had to be eye-catching and reflect our style. The hand-drawn ZAP lettering was masked over the original airbrushed artwork, successfully creating a logo that has served us well over the last 17 years.


Only in 2016 did we change the font used for CREATIVE GROUP to a custom font created by Robby Woodard, our illustrator and fontographer.

These logos are a small sampling of the many clients ZAP has been fortunate enough to work with throughout the years. We have many more logo creations, each with it’s own story. That’s why we take the time to sit down and listen to our client’s unique needs to understand what they want to accomplish through branding.

ZAP has worked with a variety of industries, all wanting different imagery, color palettes and fonts to engage their audience. Our comprehensive Q&A sessions with clients get to the core of their business objectives.

Display Signage

South Natomas Transportation Management Association (TMA) wanted ZAP to develop large cut-outs of buses, bikes and trains to promote using transportation that has less impact on air quality and traffic congestion. Robby Woodard did all of the original cartoonish illustrations.cutoutsZAP created a total of 7 objects plus one large erasable check. Event-goers had fun taking pictures with their faces in the cutouts.

Trade Show Booths


Occasionally we get a request for the mega sized booths. This client had a big story to tell at a trade show–it was their one shot to get attention! Got a pop-up event or store? We can easily handle them too!

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If you need a logo, trade show booth or any graphic design, talk to ZAP Creative Group about your needs.

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